Spotlight on: Rose Bonica

September 14, 2017

Appearing on the scene in 2016, Rose Bonica has quickly made her mark as an artist with a unique sound and approach to production. Having just released her debut EP 'Rosy Disposition' on Wet Dreams Recordings her music draws inspiration from a variety of sources. We chatted to her about getting her start in production, what she draws inspiration from, her debut EP and the project she worked on at Red Bull Studios.

You started producing in 2016. What made you decide to express yourself through music?
Big Space had done the Remix 52 challenge which was a remix a week and he got carpel tunnel so he was saying ‘why don’t you do a remix for me?’ Which I thought was a joke at first and then after a while I made a few silly tracks with him and I was like ‘actually, why not?’ I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do. But it’s been almost a year and I haven’t stopped. So it’s not one of those three month things like ‘oh, this is nice!’. I left my job for it. I think I can integrate video and music very well. I just wanted to do video or something creative. And when I started music I realised I could do something with both of them together. So that’s kind of what I’m figuring out now. How to create a product so that I can survive off it.

Your music has a variety of influences. Where do you draw inspiration from?
I don’t even know my influences, how would I know?! How do I make a track, maybe that would be the best way to find my influences? Sometimes I’ll start with a clip from a film or off YouTube and then just go with it. I would say my influence is Omar S, Moodymann and this guy I found only a few months ago Asok. Then the people around me who have mentored me. Big Space & Jumping Back Slash. They’ve all kind of influenced my sound.

You’ve just released your debut EP. What is the concept of it and what are some of the sounds you’re exploring on it?
It’s called Rosy Disposition. I generally do tend to be an optimist in my life. And when that optimism is let down, when I’m let down by my hope and faith in myself and other people, I’m very hard on myself, I get very disappointed and it leaves me very depressed. So that’s where the name came from. The tracks, I had mastered like 4 tracks and then in June I came back from Joburg after the Wet Dreams release and I scrapped those tracks and I made the tracks that are now on it. They were during a time when my optimism had literally just gone crashing and burning into flames. The track names are my literal feelings when I made those songs. Like I was literally looking for my cats when I made the track ‘Have you seen my cats?’

So it’s a very literal expression of your feelings?
Yeah, I only realised that afterwards. Because the track names were stupid, like what is in front of me I’ll name them that. But when I actually sat down with all the tracks and I listened back to them I was like okay what was I actually doing in those moments? Because Big Space said make your track names as true as you can. So I was like okay, maybe I made them a bit too literal.

You were in studio for a week. What were you working on and who with?
I’d just done a whole EP so I didn’t have anything. But I thought let me try and bring in as many artists, vocalists or producers, in while I’m here. So I had Queezy in. I had friends of mine, Brandon and Duncan, who just started this idea to make a band, so I said I’d like to produce one of their songs. Then I had Eve Rakow, that was really cool, we made a really tight track. I worked really well with her, I was very nervous. Mainly because I’ve only actually worked with men. So that was a new one but it was actually very chilled. The next day I had Boolz who Eve actually hooked me up with. And on Friday Mzu who is actually part of Wet Dreams.

What’s next for you?
I obviously want to finish these tracks that I made here. With Wet Dreams Recordings we have a few releases. Holy Elders is about to release an EP titled 'Holy War'.  Big Space’s LP. Young Om, he’s a guitarist. He’s been sending us some of his music which is not electronica, we’ve been trying to not just be an electronica label. So that’s also coming. And then for me I want to play more. I want to be able to perform more. Work on my live show a bit more. Because obviously in the last 4 months it’s taken the back burner which I can even feel when I go and play now. So I think I’ll start with that and push the EP.

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