Andy Mkosi

Andiswa ‘Andy’ Mkosi makes music for herself. As a photographer, she uses art to reflect and interpret life as it exists both outside and behind her eyes. Her music is an extension of this reflexive exploration of the world around her, a way of understanding her own lived experience, and she presents her observations with a startling sincerity.

In a scene bloated with American accents and MTV ideals, Andy blows a breath of fresh air for anyone who values candid music that pushes against an unequal world and bares the artist’s soul.

Andy delivers a critical view of modern life, side by side with a deep exploration of self. She holds contemporary society up to the light to see where the holes are, investigating how our chaotic world affects herself and her peers. On the more introspective tracks you’ll get a window into her life, following her thoughts as she negotiates her internal sphere. As personal as each story is, the pure honesty she indulges in when revealing herself means that only Dorothy’s tin man would struggle to relate. - Chris Parsons

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